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Fast, rugged, durable and designed to be the very best devices for Google Apps in your school.

EDXIS Education Chromebooks are fast to deploy and affordable. They make online learning easier for students and teachers and give unrivalled access to the best education apps available.


EDXIS Education Chromebooks

We believe that technology can transform education and not only give access to resources but to enable tasks that include new ways of learning. Our Chromebook range includes models featuring the latest features made affordable to schools.


Fast Intel CPU, class leading RAM and Storage. Available with Touch.

The EDXIS EDU Plus / Touch features class leading specs. As standard they have a Quad Core Intel N3160 CPU, 4GB RAM and 32GB Storage. This model is available with a Touch Screen or HD display

Drop proof and Water Resistant

Mobile devices are meant to be mobile. To help protect your Chromebooks we feature a drop proof design tested from 70cm, a special self draining keyboard area for any water spills and a convenient carrying handle for moving around the school.

Long battery life, rotating camera and super-fast start up

EDXIS EDU Plus / Touch Chromebooks feature long battery life for over 10 hours of activity. The built in camera can be flipped 180 degrees for recording lessons activities. Start-up time is less than 8 seconds for a fast, responsive device.

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EDXIS Education Chromebook - Lumos

Affordable and robust Chromebook

The EDXIS Education Chromebook - Lumos features a ruggedised design and convenient carrying handle for students on the move.

The specs and power you need

Featuring a Rockchip CPU, 2GB Ram and 16GB storage, the EDXIS Education Chromebook - Lumos will keep up with your students while providing long battery life rated at over 8 hours..

Super-fast start up and connectivity.

Start-up time is less than 8 seconds for a fast, responsive device. Featuring fast wifi, USB ports, HDMI and a full size SD Card slot you are always online and connected to any devices you need.

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Chromebooks are the best selling technology device for Education in the US and now are outselling iPads, Windows laptops and Macs.

Chromebooks are laptops running Google's Chrome OS. They are fast, stable and always up to date. They are integrated into Google Apps For Education like no other device and offer a seamless experience between students and their cloud storage and web based apps.

Chromebooks work as the best shared devices a school can buy. Instant login with a Google Apps account brings up all of a student's apps and data. Web based education apps work best on Chrome books with cloud saving and single sign on. Chromebooks actually get better over time with instat updates improving performance and security.

Chromebooks integrate with Google Drive to allow access when saving from any app. They used only fast flash storage and boot in seconds. Chromebooks are easy to deploy and hassle free for teachers and students. As well as Google Apps for Education and other Web based Apps, Chromebooks can access the Google Play Store and install from the millions of available Apps.

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Keeping all your devices secure and organised is made easy with an EDXIS Classroom Cart. Designed to store and charge 40 Chromebooks, the cart is built from industrial grade steel and can be easily moved between classrooms.

For the ultimate EDXIS Edu Chromebook setup we offer special pricing for a class set of Chromebooks and an included Edxis Classroom Cart. Contact us for more details and pricing.



EDXIS Live Classroom gives teachers a unique formative assessment capability, built to amplify every aspect of great teaching. Live Classroom enhances student engagement, gives teachers visibility over learning data and saves marking and feedback time.

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Transform activities

Add an interactive answer layer to new or existing activities such as quizzes, tests, homework and practise papers.
Our full suite of transformation options include 14+ answer types, rich student help and guidance, and automatic, suggested, or manual grading.

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Create activities and assign them

Create new activities and add the Live Classroom answer layer directly from Google Drive. After you have added the interactivity, assign the activity to your students to complete on any BYOD device.

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Save time marking and giving feedback

Live Classroom teachers report grading and feedback time savings of up to 75%. Auto-marked activities require no grading time at all. Revolutionary Fast Marking allows teachers to see all student responses to a question on one screen. Marking keywords can be set up, which automatically calculate suggested scores for manually graded answers .





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